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Thank you for choosing HeatShrinkTubingDirect! At HeatShrinkTubingDirect.com, we are committed to serving all of your heat shrink tubing needs by offering the most extensive selection of top quality heat shrink tube products and accessories at the very best, most competitive prices available anywhere!

We understand that the selection and use of heat shrink tubing can often be complex and challenging. In addition to our tremendous inventory, we also have a dedicated team of heat shrink tube experts that are always on-hand to assist you in any way. These highly experienced professionals have an in depth understanding of heat shrink tubing products and their vast uses and applications.

Our exceptionally skilled heat shrink tube application engineers stand ready to recommend the right material, size, shrink ratio and color of heat shrink tubing to most effectively and efficiently meet the needs of your specific application. Their training and years of experience have prepared them to immediately provide practical solutions and advice for the use of heat shrink tubing products and accessories across a broad range of diverse industries.

For additional information, or if you would like to speak with a HeatShrinkTubingDirect representative about any heat shrinkable tube product available in our current inventory, please contact us by calling toll-free 800-491-2816.

You may also contact us by email: sales@heatshrinktubingdirect.com. If your email is received during regular business hours (8AM-5PM EST), we will respond to you that same day!

We look forward to hearing from you!