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Portable Heat Shrink Label Printers

We are now offering a line of hand-held label printers from 3MTM. Choose from flexible nylon label cartridges or heat shrink label cartridges, depending on each individual labeling application. We offer three models of hand-held label printers that vary based on functionality. Benefits of the 3MTM label printers include:

  • Labels won't smear, smudge or fade
  • Easy to load, print & peel
  • Engineered to stick on challenging surfaces
  • Less waste between print jobs for more return




3M PL100 Label Printer 3M PL200 Label Printer 3M PL300 Label Printer
The 3MTM Portable Labeler PL100 is a compact unit that prints on a variety of materials, including heat shrink tubing. It is equipped with hot keys for automatic labeling, making quick on-demand heat shrink lables for easy identification. The 3MTM Portable Labeler PL200 has been proven to outperform high-priced labeling solutions in jobsite conditions. The unit is lighweight and powerful, offering unique features and functionality. The 3MTM Portable Labeler PL300 provides the added convenience of PC connectivity, allowing the user to insert customized graphics, logos, symbols and industry terms to customize their labeling jobs.

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