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Heat Shrink Tubing Tools & Accessories

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Heat Shrink Tubing Tools & Accessories

HeatShrinkTubingDirect.com is your trusted, one-stop online source for superior quality heat shrink tubing tools and accessories. Whether you need a heat shrink gun, butane gas torch, an electric heat gun, or industrial/professional heat guns, you'll find everything you need right here!

No matter the application, we've got just the heat shrink gun or gas torch you need to get the job done quickly and correctly every time! Whether you're utilizing heat shrink tubing to insulate, seal, or identify wires, cables or connectors; our tremendous selection of heat shrink tools can easily accommodate all of your needs for virtually any commercial, industrial or residential shrink tubing project.

Best of all, our entire heat shrink gun and gas torch inventory is available at our incredible, unrivaled everyday online values! Need something you can't find on our site? Just ask!

Heat Shrink Gun Products

A heat gun is the fastest and most effective way to ensure a proper shrink fit when installing virtually any heat shrink tubing product. These heat shrink guns are ideal for use in a vast range of cable and wire protection applications.

Industrial Heat Guns

Electronic Heat Gun Kits

Professional Heat Guns

Industrial Heat Guns Electronic Heat Gun Kits Professional Heat Guns
These heavy-duty heat guns are designed for the toughest of heat shrink tubing applications. These highly durable heat guns incorporate on-board microprocessors that automatically calibrate and regulate their heating elements. The heating elements themselves are fully encapsulated in ceramic and are unsurpassed in terms of even heating, durability and longevity. Highly efficient DC brushless motors, which are guaranteed for life, add to the high level of unmatched performance and reliability offered by these top quality heat guns. Steinel's most popular variable temperater electronic heat gun is now offered in a convenient kit including the heat gun and accessories. Special Offer: $189.99. That's a savings of over 40%!

The kit includes:

  • HL 1910E Variable Temperature Electronic Heat Gun
  • 14mm Reflector Nozzle
  • 9mm Reduction Nozzle
  • 39mm Reflector Nozzle
  • Overhead Hanger
  • Aluminum Carrying Case
  • Application Hand Book
Click here to view the Heat Shrink Gun Kit Data Sheet.
These professional-grade heat guns are exceptionally durable, high quality tools specifically designed for heavy-duty use in a wide range of trades and industries. These heat guns provide powerful, even heating with a conveniently lightweight and ergonomic design. Numerous new features have been added to these heat guns, further enhancing versatility and long term comfortable use.
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Gas Torches

Butane Powered Gas Torches

Butane Powered Flameless Gas Torches

Butane Powered Torches Butane Powered Flameless Heat Tools
These professional, high quality butane powered gas torches are a must in any shop, garage, lab, or other location where a reliable butane torch is required. These easily utilized gas torches feature fully adjustable flames, as well as quick and simple refilling with any standard butane gas. These ultra-safe and convenient flameless gas torches are completely portable and ideal for quickly and easily applying heat shrink tubing in the field or any other location where electricity is not readily available.
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